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Gang Member guilty in Slaying

The Star Tribune reported that on Friday a jury found a gang member guilty of murdering a teen in Minneapolis.

Jeremy Jackson, 21, of Richfield was found guilty in Hennepin COunty District Court of first-degree murder in the gang-related shooting.

Jackson shot Gennaro Knox on Oct. 5, 2006, in south Minneapolis.

Jackson is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 8, the Star Tribune said.

Jackson, a member of the gang Bloods killed Knox, because he was mistaken for a rival gang member.

Knox was bicycling with a friend in the 2400 block of elliot Avenue S. Knox was shot three times in the head and neck and killed one year ago.

Before this conviction there was one hung jury, before Jackson was convicted.

"My client still maintains his innocence," Jackson's co-counsel Thomas Harmon said after Friday's ruling. "He has to live with the verdict."

Knox's mother said she was satisfied that the verdict and hopes the verdict sends other gang members a message.

"You live by the gun, you die by the gun," Knox said. "That young man will have plenty of time to learn from the mistake he made."