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Women in India allowed to be Bartenders

Thursday the Supreme Court in India has allowed women to work as bartenders in the country, the BBC reported.

People against women working in bars said it could be unsafe to have women bartenders serving drunk men.

Sandeep Verma of the Institute of Bar Operations said he had been working for three years to secure women the ability to become bartenders. Verma said, he trains many people including women to be bartenders.

"I'm really happy about this decision. Now many girls like me will be able to work in bars. Before we could not express our feelings because of the law, but now that has all changed," Deepali Dabas, a woman bartender, told the BBC.

There are already women working as hostesses and waitresses and this decision allows women to now serve alcohol as well.

The age of men who can serve alcohol has also been changed in this court ruling, lowering it from 25 to 21.

Although each state has different laws, this ruling applies for the whole country.

The Delhi government is worried about allowing women to bartend because of a previous high profile murder if a woman bartender in

The Delhi government had sought the ban of women in bartending in August this year, Yahoo News said.

They also cited the reason of men behaving badly under the influence of alcohol as the reason why the ban was needed.