December 8, 2007

Women in India allowed to be Bartenders

Thursday the Supreme Court in India has allowed women to work as bartenders in the country, the BBC reported.

People against women working in bars said it could be unsafe to have women bartenders serving drunk men.

Sandeep Verma of the Institute of Bar Operations said he had been working for three years to secure women the ability to become bartenders. Verma said, he trains many people including women to be bartenders.

"I'm really happy about this decision. Now many girls like me will be able to work in bars. Before we could not express our feelings because of the law, but now that has all changed," Deepali Dabas, a woman bartender, told the BBC.

There are already women working as hostesses and waitresses and this decision allows women to now serve alcohol as well.

The age of men who can serve alcohol has also been changed in this court ruling, lowering it from 25 to 21.

Although each state has different laws, this ruling applies for the whole country.

The Delhi government is worried about allowing women to bartend because of a previous high profile murder if a woman bartender in

The Delhi government had sought the ban of women in bartending in August this year, Yahoo News said.

They also cited the reason of men behaving badly under the influence of alcohol as the reason why the ban was needed.

November 30, 2007

Plane Crash in Turkey

Two black boxes have been recovered in the search for clues in the cause of the crash of the plan in Turkey, the BBC reported.

57 people, all Turkish, died when the Atlasjet McDonnel Douglas MD-83 jet crashed in south-west Turkey after taking off from Istanbul.

The weather conditions were not bad and the plane had no known technical problems, officials said.

The plane disappeared from radar around 1:36 local time and the wreckage was discovered five hours later in a mountainous area 7.5 miles from the Isparta airport, the plane was about to land at.

The cause of the crash was no immediately clear, Atlas chief executive Tuncay Doganer said.

"Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on television that the transport minister had told him the plane may have clipped a hill," the BBC said.

About 300 soldiers have protected the wreckage.

CNN reported that machinery was used to remove trees for easy access and the area is strewn with debris.

"Can Ertuna, of CNN affiliate station CNN Turk, said that Atlasjet was a relatively new company and that none of its flights had been involved in such a serious incident before."

November 12, 2007

Oil Spill in the Black Sea

A rescue effort to save missing seamen was begun on Monday in the northern section of the Black Sea following a storm that sank up to 10 ships and opened an oil tanker, the Christian Science Monitor reported.

The ships were shipwrecked on Sunday in the Kerch Strait that separates Ukraine and Russia. At least 1,300 tons of fuel were spilled when the oil tanker broke in the storm.

There is concern over the environmental effects and the maritime safety and measures should be taken to prevent future disasters, the Ukrainian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich said. Double hulls should be used on the ships, he said.

7,150 tons of sulfur were also dumped into the strait from at least four freighters that sank. The sulfur may be more dangerous to the environment than the oil, Sergei Baranovsky, president of the Green Cross environmental group, said.

The oil tanker that sank was build during Soviet times and not built for the severe storm conditions and the captains were warned about the storm., Maxim Stepanenko, a regional prosecutor, said.

"In Russia we do not have 100 percent of our ships maintained in a suitable condition as is the practice in the West," said Alexei Kiselyov, coordinator of Greenpeace Russia's antipollution campaigns.

Oleg Mitvol, deputy head of Russia's environment agency, said, "This problem may take a few years to solve."

National Geographic reported that on Monday three sailors bodies were recovered from a freighter that sank. Their bodies washed up near the island of Tuzla.

Rescuers are still looking for five others. 13 crew members have been successfully rescued, authorities said.

This article states that around 1.3 million gallons of oil spilled into the strait.

November 6, 2007

Epidemic in Africa

There is an increased number of dual infections of HIV and tuberculosis is causing a "co-epidemic", researches in sub-Sahran Africa said on the BBC.

There is an increasing rates of drug-resistant TB in areas with high rates of HIV and local health systems are unable to contain the co-epidemic, the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research said.

Half of the new TB cases now are also infected with HIV, Veronica MIller, forum director, said.

About 20% of the world's population has TB but will not develop the disease, the BBC said, but where people live in close quarters and in inadequate housing, TB is more common.

TB spreads to people with HIV largely because HIV destroys the immune system.

In Cape Town areas in South Africa, "a child is 100 times more likely to contract TB than anyone living in the developed world," the BBC said.

Without medical facilities being able to treat TB before it is far along, and people with HIV not getting treatment soon enough, the co-epidemic is especially dangerous, the Forum for Collaborative HIV research said. 90% of people with HIV die within months of contracting TB without treatment, they said.

I only found one source about the Dual epidemic.

October 29, 2007

Storm in the Caribbean kills 13 People

13 people were reported to have been killed along the south coast of the Dominican capital Santo Domingo, the BBC reported. The deaths are due to flooding from the rains from the Tropical Storm Noel.

More people are reported missing and death tolls may rise.

10-20 in of rain were expected. The centre of the storm had passed monday evening and was headed towards eastern Cuba and the Bahamas.

Several bridges have said to have collapsed, cutting off communities.

Hundreds of people have been evacuated, the Dominican authorities said. If two accidents are confirmed, officials said the death count may rise to 18.

CBS reported that Noel is the 14h storm of the Atlantic season. Floods are reported to have killed atleast 37 people earlier this month.

The flood concerns had forced three U.S. senators to return from Haiti early on Saturday.

At least 600 people were reported to have been evacuated from landslides and flooded rivers, dominican authorities said.

Deforestation and poor drainage are causing further flood problems in Haiti as well as people living in floodplains, CBS reported.

October 26, 2007

Attacks around the Turkey and Iraq Border

Turkish troops shelled villages in northern Iraq affecting six villages CNN reported an Iraqi Kurdish official saying on Sunday. Orchards and farmlands were destroyed, but no casualties were reported the official said.

The Turkey military said they were retaliating an attack on Friday from the Kurdish separatist guerrillas that attacked the village of Yemisli on the border.

30,000 people may be displaced from the border conflict, the intelligence official said.

Turkey is threatening to form a cross-border attack targeting the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) which have been fighting Turkish troops. The United States and the European Union have called the PKK a terrorist organization CNN said.

Iraqi Defense Ministry spokesman Mohammed al-Askari stated that Iraq's position is to resolve all issues with neighboring countries diplomatically.

The Christian Science Monitor reported on the rising tensions between Iraq's Kurdish regions and Turkey and said that 12 Turkish soldiers were killed by Kurdish guerillas on Sunday.

Turkey is frustrated by the failure of Iraqi and US forces to control the rebel group.

Ankara estimated that 3,000 guerillas are fighting for autonomy in southeastern Turkey and Turkey has deployed around 100,000 troops along the border, according to Reuters reports.

October 15, 2007

Worldwide Search for a Sex Offender

Police have been able to unscramble a digitally altered image of the sex offender seen in internet pictures abusing children, said the BBC. Interpol released the image in hopes of identification. The suspect is believed to be an English teacher and now in Thailand.

The suspect was identified by five different sources from three continents as a teacher in South Korea, Interpol said.

The name has not been released, but according to Interpol, his name, nationality, date of birth, passport number, and current and previous places of work are known.

The suspect flew from Seoul to Bangkok on Thursday, where he was videotaped by security cameras, said Interpol.

Interpol used a global public appeal last week to identify the suspect, and more than 200 people responded to this appeal.

The suspect was allegedly seen sexually abusing 12 Vietnamese and Cambodian boys, ranging in age from six to early teens, said CNN.

The man's photo online was disguised as a swirl. German police were able to reconstruct four images last week that could be used for identification. CNN reports that instead of 200 people responding to the image poster, 350 people responded.

October 13, 2007

Polio Outbreak in Nigeria

The polio vaccine has been linked to an outbreak of polio in Nigeria the BBC reported on Wednesday. The UN's World Health Organization said 69 children in the north have caught the disease from others who were immunized. The WHO said that outbreaks have occurred where immunizations did not reach all of the population that was being immunized. The concern of the campaign is that the population will not be skeptical of the vaccine and immunization will have to stop.

The outbreak occurred when those that were vaccinated excreted a mutated form of the virus and surrounded members of the community, who were not vaccinated, caught this mutated forms, said the WHO

The outbreak is slowing, said the WHO, because the vaccinations are continuing.

MSNBC reported that the outbreak in Nigeria is the biggest ever, and comes after a boycott of the vaccination. The boycott took place because the local population believed that the vaccine was a plot of the West to sterilize Muslim women.

In 2003 a similar event happened, when politicians in Nigeria cancelled vaccinations because of fears of the West plotting to sterilize women, which lead to an outbreak of polio and spread to two dozen countries.

THe WHO and the CDC have known about the current outbreak in Nigeria since last year, but have kept quiet to prevent another scare.

Rumors still continue and if a mass boycott happens again, the disease could once again spread, and hinder the efforts to eradicate polio worldwide.

October 1, 2007

volcano erupts on a Yemeni Island

Survivors were found after a volcano erupted on a Yemeni island on Monday and four people were found officials said, . The eruption began Sunday night on the island of jabal al-Tair, which is populated only by a Yemeni military base. The base was evacuated the Yemeni news agency SABA said. Part of the island collapsed and the rest was covered by lava SABA said.

The eruption continued today, spewing lava and ask.

A NATO fleet that was passing through the region stopped and helped search for survivors and found the two, as well as the four dead people. 21 people were evacuated earlier from the island.

Two people are still missing, and are being searched for.

The BBC said that the death count may be higher, according to government officials.

The island is on a fault line and the last eruption was seen in the 19th century. Several minor earthquakes that hit the island on Sunday are being connected with the volcano.

The volcano spew covered the whole island Ken Allen, a Canadian navy spokesman, said. "The lava is spewing hundreds of feet into the air, with the volcanic ash also 1,000 feet in the air," Allen said.

September 23, 2007

Increase in Child Soldiers Recruitment in the Congo

Around 4,000 people have arrived at the UN refugee camp in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in the last three daysCNN said.

Many of the people have fled from the soldiers of Congolese General Laurent Nkunda, who is Tutsi. Nkunda is accused of looting and abducting children for soldiers and sex slaves. Ethnic tension from the 1994 genocide of some 800,000 Tutsis by Hutu extremists in Rwanda is a main problem in the latest increase of fighting. A UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said over 300,00 people this year have fled from the rise in fighting.

Nkunda accused the government of working with Hutu fighters from Rwanda against Tutsi civilians. Nkunda said that he is not concerned with taking over the government, but holding them to confronting the Rwandan Hutu rebels who fled the DR Congo after the genocide.

The news of the increase of child soldiers came after 3 years of relative peace and reduction of children abductions as well as child soldiers being sent home to their families. The Christian Science Monitor said hundreds of thousands of children are being forced to return to fighting in the conflict between the Rwandan rebels and the Congolese Army, including ethnic militias.

Ethnic diversity and potential wealth are the main causes of conflict in the Congo. All fighting groups are said to use child soldiers, some more than others, such as the Mai Mai, a militia of Congolese Hutus, draw half of their forces from children. With ethnic fighting seemingly without an end, the recruitment and abduction of child soldiers is expected to continue.

September 16, 2007

Plane Crash in Thailand

A plane crashed in Thaliand Sunday, September 16, killing atleast 88 people said the a BBC.

The flight, from One-Two-GO Airlines, took off from Bangkok and landed in Phuket, where the plane skidded off the runway when landing and burst into flames. The plane was carrying 123 passengers and 7 crew. 42 people were injured and taken to the hospital said Phuket Deputy Governor Worapot Ratthaseema. Before the landing was completed the pilot asked to abort the landing, said an aviation official. He said, "The control tower allowed it but the aircraft fell to the runway and the body broke". The reason for the crash has not yet been determined.

Many foreigners were on-board, reported CNN. John Gerard O'Donnell, an Irishman, said "As the plane was landing, you could tell it was in trouble 'cause it kind of landed and came up again. Then the second time, it just smashed." "My friend was outside, I seen him, he got out before me, and next thing it really caught fire then," he said. "I just got badly burnt -- my face, my legs, my arms."

The National Transportation Safety Board will assist the Thai government in the investigation, according to a statement on the NTSB's Web site, CNN said. The plane was US made, making it likely that the NTSB will investigate the cause of the crash.

September 8, 2007

Parents Accused in Missing Child Case

Parents of missing child Madeleine McCann are being investigated in relation to the disappearance of their daughter. Earlier this week police began interviewing Gerry and Kate McCann separately, but no charges have been issued or bale set.

The BBC reported that the police believe that Mrs McCann may have accidentally killed her daughter while she was in the apartment and then used their rented car to transport the body and hide it.
CNN reported that blood was found in the vehicle that was rented by the family 25 days after Madeleine was reported missing. Gerry McCann is quoted by CCN as calling the idea that his wife was involved in their daughter's disappearance "ludicrous". He continued to say,"We will fight this all the way, and we will not stop looking for Madeleine."

On May 3, Madeleine was reported missing in southern Portugal while the family was on vacation. Madeleine, who was 3, was left to watch her 2-year-old twin siblings while Mr and Mrs McCann went out for dinner. Since her disappearance the couple has been working to keep the search going.