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Abuse of the other Angelas

The road in the movie represents the journey for Angela Shelton, both personal and in finding these other women. The farther she travels along the highways of the U.S., the closer she comes to her father and confronting him with memories of her childhood experiences. Also, she spends something like 57 days on the road, which is shown as she goes from Angela to Angela, so it represents the physical journey that she undertakes in order to find all the other Angela Sheltons. As the days add up, Angela Shelton opens up more and more and it becomes easier for her to tell her story and for the other women to open up to her. The road makes her bolder, and she uses the road as a symbol for her personal journey, especially through the use of billboards, church signs, bumper stickers, and many other items that allow her to "create" something deeper than what is actually there- she allows the things she found while on the road to help make her journey seem more symbolic.
I think that the camera was used responsibly, as the person filming had no role in the film, and therefore had no impact on the women's stories. It was certainly interesting to hear all of their stories, though trying to make a statistic out of them in terms of how many of them out of all of the women interviewed had been abused was stretching it a little. I think that she should have been more up front with the women before she started filming them, maybe by telling them what she was actually doing, not simply going out and finding all the other Angela Sheltons, since this was clearly a personal journey that she was making for personal reasons- to tell her story. Using other people's stories to tell your own is not exactly an admirable thing to do, but if she had changed anything, it would no longer be her story, so no, I don't think I would have done anything differently. In order to accomplish a goal like that, one that is so personal, you can't change it- it has to be the way you envisioned it to be.