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All the Angelas

..."Women must write women as man writes man" (The laugh of the Medusa. Cixols). The way in which Angela uses her experiences to unite other women with similar experiences I think is very profound and has a very positive impact. I also think that every director films in such a way that their message comes across therefore, I think everyone manipulates the camera power. I do feel that there were a few instances where Angela was not controlling situations very well like when she was on the phone with anonymous Angelas and the issues became so painful and hard and the women hung up. These situations are very dangerous because now who will they talk about with these things? I also feel that Angela used a few moments to unwind like when she was speaking with the woman about her foster experiences but that is all a part of her story and is some type of pain that a lot of the other Angelas could possibly relate to. Another issue that concerned me a bit was the fact that a man was filming the documentary because technically that would mean they were constantly under the male gaze. As a documentary it seems like there is less importance in noting each person's gender but more concentration on the ultimate story and what is being achieved but for such an intense and particular issue I find it a struggle for the man to be the camera person. Many of these women were abused by men and were in pain because of men so for them to speak freely about such painful issues and then repeat them when a man is there I imagine would be extremely difficult. Think of rape victims for example and how they must repeat their experience to a police officer and then again in court. I don't believe at all that where we are at today in society that this is sexist but rather mandatory if women are to ever become equal. Unlike one of the women in the class I feel that Angela (the director) was completely unbiased and not sexist at all towards other men especially considering the fact that she wants to continue a healthy relationship with her half brother and that she was willing to go all the way to South Carolina to confront her fucked in the head father-sorry for the language. I think if Angela's point of the movie was to try and unite women and let them know that they are not alone nor are they rugs to be stepped on then she definitly succeeded.