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American Women

In this film, the road functions as a personal journey for Angela Shelton and a way for her to meet women from all over America, who happen to share her name. For her, this slice of the American population serves as an example of American women, and a way for her to try to find her personal peace after her traumatic childhood of sexual abuse. She uses these Angela Sheltons as a way for her to connect with other women, to tell her story, and to hear their stories. For her, this is a way of healing/therapy in hearing of the experiences that these women have faced, and the strength that they have found to get them through the hard times they've been through.
From the road emerges a sense of understanding and hope for women in general. Many women who are abused think that no one else goes through what they're experiencing, when the truth is that its far more common than most people acknowledge. This film, and the journey that Angela takes, show that women from all walks of life face the problem of abuse, and helps to provide hope and strength to women who have faced these problems.
Personally, i don't think Angela used her power responsibly. In my opinion, she focused far too much on herself and didn't go deep enough into the stories of the other women that she interacted with. It seems that in every interview she had, it came down to her saying, "oh, this is what happened to me," and the focus quickly shifted away from these other women and their experiences. I understand her talking about her abuse was a way to make these women more comfortable talking about the abuse they have faced, but it seems to be that she overdid it and took too much away from some of their stories. Had i been in her shoes, i would've tried to make the film more focused on the other Angela Sheltons, instead of staying so focused on herself. Not to say that the film shouldn't contain her story, but going more in depth with the other women would've been much more effective in my book.