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Angela Shelton

In the film Searching for Angela Shelton the road functions as a sort of pathway for Angela to come face to face with her past as a means of finding the closure she needs to live her life happily. By meeting all of the other women that she came in contact with, Angela was able to relate to each of them in a way that helped her find the emotions and the grief that she needed to release in order to move on with her life and really be happy with who she is. I feel as if Angela’s journey served as a helpful tool for each of the other Angelas that she met along the way as well. Once their skepticism about the whole situation subsided they were able to open up to Angela in way for each of them to learn from each other.
I find that Angela’s use of the camera does a really good job of telling her story because it doesn’t add anything extra to the story and it doesn’t leave anything out. Depending on who Angela was talking to at a certain point in the film a different camera style was used to further the affect of how a particular Angela was feeling. When a face to face interview was going on the camera was really clear and it portrayed each story with clarity by focusing on the person that was telling the story. This gave the viewers a kind of insight when it came to watching facial expressions and emotions. On the other hand, when Angela was talking to the Anonymous Angela the camera used to create a blurry picture that seemed to jump around from road sign to road sign, which helps viewers interpret the emotions and feelings that were being portrayed by this person.
If I were Angela I don’t think I would have made this film differently. I believe that using a simple camera with few visual effects was really affective in portraying the issue that she was trying to expose. I believe that Angela’s goal was to reach out to other women while she was on a journey herself, and I think she did a very good job in doing so.