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Angela Shelton

As Angela Shelton (the film maker) travelled around America looking for other Angela Sheltons, a story began to tell itself. I feel that in a way, the road allowed the story to progress. With each new stop Angela found herself at, a new piece of her own story was discovered, as well as a little, tiny piece of another Anegla Shelton's story. I kind of felt that Angela Shelton may have used the other women's stories in a kind of selfish way. Everytime another woman would share something, she would always bring it back to her own personal abuse. I undertsand that she may have been trying to get them to open up more freely, but there were instances where the women were already telling their stories and she would come in again with her own story; almost like a distraction to me.

While we were having the discussion in class after the documentary, another student raised the question of what happened to these other Angela Shelton's AFTER the camera was turned off and the crew returned to the road to find another Angela Shelton? Did they receive therapy? Did they get the kind of help one deserves after reliving very tramatic experiences that they had kept bottled up until that day? I certainly hope so. If not, that is one way I would have made the movie differently. Another way would be to focus more on the other women's stories a bit more. When I first heard about the concept of the documentary (seeing how all these different Angela Shelton's represent all women in America), I was excited to watch it! If I were to remake the film, I would try and stay more true to the intended project.