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Angela Shelton

The stories and the way in which they were filmed and portrayed in Searching For Angela Shelton, I thought was very well done. It can and was argued that Angie was just using this film to get her story across, but I felt almost the opposite. She was using her story to make other women feel more comfortable talking about taboo topics. Though there were some instances where I did think Angie may have stepped over a boundry, and kind of lost control of her project. Though I don't think she is really to be blamed, she never claimed to be a therapist, she was just a woman trying to help other women. I think at times she didn't really realize what she was getting herself into. So in that way I think she may have abused her use of the camera, but not intentionally. Overall though I thought the movie was filmed very well, and took special care in small details. Most importantly her objective of the movie, I believe was accomplished. Not only did she and others move forward in their lives, she also caused us as viewers to be aware of what is going on around us. It is a topic that is not brought to light often, and is usually just swept under the rug. It really showed women of abuse that they are not alone, and that there is help out there for them.