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Angela Shelton - Camera Power

In the film Searching for Angela Shelton, the road played a role in helping the narrative along. The road did not function in the same way as in the other road films as the symbol of freedom, but it did represent a sort of freedom and liberation for Angela. For Angela, going on the road was the first step in finding herself and liberating herself of the horror of her past and finally moving forward - just as she moves forward on the road. Indeed the road can be symbolic of her journey and uncovering her story as well as other women's stories along the way.

I found this film to be very powerful and the stories that were revealed over the course of the movie, especially the main Angela's story, were very shocking and a bit disturbing as well. I think that the camera captured these stories very well and played a passive role to just watch these stories and Angela's unfold as they traveled on the road. As for abuse of camera power, I think that Angela did not abuse camera power but used it to effectively express a certain feeling or emotion to the audience. I also do not think she took advantage of the other Angela Sheltons - they were all willing to partake in the making of the film which helped to uncover Angela's story and help her overcome her past. Some students felt that she used them irresponsibly but in the end she did do follow ups on each story which shows that she took the time to make sure they were doing well. Either way I think that she used the camera wisely to portray certain emotions and capture the people she visited. I don't think that I would use the camera any differently or change much about the film.