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Angela Shelton & the Road to Recovery

In this documentary, the road functions quite differently than we've seen it in past films. It doesn't seem to be the focus, instead it is the connecting force that brings these women together. The road is filmed without much emphasis on the driver/traveler giving the viewer a first person experience. This perspective shows how every woman could be on that very road. At the same time, however, Angela Shelton (filmmaker) uses the camera power to over represent or under represent different women throughout her journey. She focuses much of the journey on herself rather than equally representing each of the women and her story. This is an abuse of power as a documentary filmmaker, but I believe in order for this kind of dialogue to emerge (one that exposes abuse and recovery) she had to pick certain stories to focus on, including her own. This movie was intended to be a vehicle for women to connect and talk about their personal experiences with one another. I think it succeeds in this to an extent but also has a flawed and simplified view of "solidarity" and "sisterhood" amongst all women. Angela does not take into account race, class, age, ability, and sexuality disparities between the women interviewed. What she did accomplish, however, was an important discussion on abuse and the figurative road to happiness.