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Angela Shelton's Use and Abuse

The camera has a huge role in what is seen and not seen in this documentary. Searching for Angela Shelton tries to show the hardships of women, named Angela Shelton throughout America. Although her attempts to help women in America “break their silence� she is unsuccessful and irresponsible in doing so. The road functions in this film as a way for Angela Shelton to get her name out in the public. She not only revolves this movie around herself AND her name, she also makes shirts for what seems to be publicity. Angela Shelton contacts many women with the same name and tries to find their story. The problem with the camera shots in this film is the editing. Angela Shelton only needs to put in what she wants into the film. Since her documentary is about child abuse and domestic violence, it seems that anything said by the “Angelas’� other than that wouldn’t be used in the film. The idea of helping women in general speak and understand they have rights are women is a great idea, but Angela Shelton’s centered focal point, takes the great ideas away. Shelton uses the film to promote herself rather than telling the stories of others. Many of the other women seemed like examples for abuse cases in America but everything stays centered around Angela Shelton. At the end of this film it seems like nothing emerges from the road. Nothing is solved, no one seems to receive guidance and it seems as if wounds and old memories were opened without any closure. Angela does not use her camera power responsibly. Angela has all the power in this film and uses to only for herself. She doesn’t take into consideration how the other women might feel after this film. There is no sign of psychologists on site for help or counselors for the women. This would have helped tremendously in assuring safety for these women. The anonymous woman on the phone seems to be the most unstable and yet Angela Shelton hassles her. Her irresponsibility to help take care of this woman shows Shelton’s true self-centeredness. Angela could have successfully made this film if it was more about the other Angela Sheltons. She also could have focused on their stories rather than herself. It would have been nice to see some professionals on site helping with these issues as well. If Angela Shelton would have been responsible and caring towards the other “Angelas’� I feel this film could have had a completely different outcome.