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Breaking the Silence

In "Searching for Angela Shelton", Angela Shelton the director, starts the documentary explaining her need to self-examine and find her own identity. I believe this part was missed by many of the viewers in class that day and therefore the film was misinterpreted as the director eventually losing sight of her goal; when in reality I believe that her film achieved what it was meant to, her finally getting closure on her traumatic abusive childhood. One of her mantras was "everything happens for a reason", something Angela and the other women she met firmly backed in their life stories.
Throughout the film, Angela travels the road in search of other women and with their insight and much catharsis, Angela felt more united with the Angela Sheltons, thus meaning all 'women in America', whom she encountered. This point was poignantly refuted by one Angela (from Queens I think), who questioned whether or not women really are united. I found this to be rather ironic because it went against the goal the director was trying to put forth in the film; the strength and unity of women. I believe this film is on the right path to uniting women and it is important for women to see because there were many uplifting stories that could help women find their inner strength to fight back and unite.
The road can be viewed as both a tool for uniting women because it was how the Angela Sheltons were brought together, but also seen as useless in that her RV roadtrip didn't have much to do with the narrative other than guiding the audience along her travel route.
I was surprised to hear all the conflicting responses to this film because I found it to be refreshing from the other films we've watched in that there were first hand experiences and I think the director was really out there to help other women break their silence and finally breath free from their tormenting stories. I don't know what the director went through with editing and whatnot, but I am curious as to the scripting that went into the making and how much was edited to make certain scenes work. Other than those few things, I don't think that with those experiences Angela had, I would have made the film any differently; we all bring different aspects to the table and everything that made the director an Angela Shelton made her make her film in exactly that way.