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Connecting through the road

Searching for Angela Shelton is an interesting journey on the road, that doesn't really use the road as a main focus point in the story. Although not a main focus, the road is important in the fact that it functions a connecting point for all the Angela Sheltons to share their life stories. In class we discussed how issues of "normality" apply to the claims Angela makes about the other Angelas and women in general. All of the women were potrayed at heterosexual women, but that's not Angela's fault. It just happens that's how the other women were. Finding the other Angela's still showed us a range of different personalities and life stories. Another factor that has to be taken into consideration is the last name Shelton. Typically, this name is a caucasion or African American's last name. This limits the amount of women she will be exposed to. What emerges from this story is Angela's self-examing gaze which leads to other women's self-examing and finding support in other's that share a dark secret. What seemed to happen with Angela is that she found closure in sharing her story with other women and finding out other women had demons, just life her. It seems that in the end many women found closure, or at least help, as well as Angela. One thing I think this video might inspire is other's who are lost and it might help them find themselves.

I do think Angela did leave some people hanging and with unanswered questions. It might have been helpful to have a consultant or therapist along the journey to help those other Angela's with issues.

...Hopefully this doesn't seem too rambling, i'm sick and this all is blurry, sorry :(