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Direct and Indirect Male Gaze

Throughout almost all of this film, there is a feeling of male gaze, even at times when Rebecca is the only character in the shots. Because she objectifies her self and takes pleasure in her abusive relationship, even when she isn't under the gaze of a male character, she has thoughts of being the subject of the male gaze. For example, she often has flashbacks and dreams of her in situations where men are looking at her as little more than an object for visual and sexual pleasure. There is also a sense of an "indirect male gaze" in many shots with her riding her motorcycle. While there are no characters in the film watching her, the viewer is provided with shots of her body in her tight leather outfit, as she rides her motorcycle in an overly sexual manner.
If it weren't for the ending of the film, I would almost go as far as to say that this film is the complete opposite of liberating for women and instead is very objectifying in the way that it almost seems to promote the promiscuous and abusive relationship that she is in. In my mind, the ending seems to be saying that living this crazy, abusive, and "free" lifestyle can only end in failure. The director very well could've had her get to her lover's house and discover him gone, but it wouldn't have provided nearly as intense of feelings about her downfall and the type of life she had been living.