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Finding Angela

Part of the purpose for the film is to use the Angela Shelton's of the country to represent all American women. The road then serves as not only filmmaker Angela Shelton's way to get to these different women, but a personal journey she takes to find peace within herself. She physically bridges the distance between herself and her family through the road and attempts to mend her emotional distance. The different shots of the road and different cities/states she travels through show the distance of her journey but also adds to the theme of representing women in America. You can be across the country from someone and still find common ground between your lives, such as what Angela did when speaking to the other Angela Sheltons.
The story is about filmmaker Angela Shelton trying to find herself and make peace with her past. By speaking with other Angela Sheltons she attempts to connect with women to heal herself. By chance many of the other women she speaks with have had abuse circumstances and through their conversations and meetings it is a form of therapy for filmmaker Angela Shelton. Her hope is that other women such as the ones she spoke with as well as those watching will find help in seeing the connection of the stories.
What emerges from the road is hope for Angela and other women. By meeting with women who have had similar abuse circumstances and hearing the struggle they dealt with gave Angela an opportunity to unload her past as well as speak/think about her future. Seeing the power of the women she met with was a very important and necessary thing for her to see, as well as others watching the film. Her journey is hard and emotional, but in the end she benefits knowing she can be okay because these women are okay. Also by speaking with anonymous Angela, it was her way to be the voice of strength and comfort not just for this woman but for herself as well.
I think she does use her camera responsibly. This is a documentary and a very emotional one at that. The camera allowed us into the lives of all of these courageous women as well as able to be on Angela's journey with her. The point was for Angela to help heal herself along this time on the road. That is exactly what she did through her camera.
If I were Angela Shelton I don't think I would change anything. Searching for Angela Shelton was her attempt to find herself and make peace with her life which was the focus of the documentary. Therefore, nothing would change. I think she successfully accomplished what she sought out to do.