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Road Footage as Emotional Fodder

Although Angela’s story focuses on Angela’s personal narrative interwoven with the stories and dialogue of others, the camera seems to favor the road (or Angela). The camera uses the visual media the road provides as filler or as an emphasis for bits of conversation and voice over that have no visual footage of its own. In this way, the road becomes auxiliary and its visual inclusion is almost unnecessary for the advancement of the story. It is assumed that Angela is mobile, due to the fact that she introduces each character by their name and the city they live in. However, the road footage is often used to enhance a mood Angela hopes to achieve, such as the use of rainy and muddled traffic jams when speaking with the “anonymous Angela?. Although the story is situated on the road, its presence does not drive the narrative, but instead is put to use as an illustrator of mood. The visual landscape the road showcases provides Angela with a cornucopia of loaded images (thunderstorms, trailer parks, sunshine poking out through rain clouds).

Angela’s use of the still photograph interspersed with visual footage was an effective means to convey emotion; however, her narcissistic manner of being in every image detracted from movie’s potential. The whole point of the film was that there were so many women with the same name, so why did we have to see so much of just one?

I must say, after visiting Angela's site, I was overwhelmed by the narcissism. The entire site is devoted to the amazing-ness that is Angela Shelton. Not only does she call herself a "superhero goddess", but she sells myriads of t-shirts with her name on it. She does not appear to be promoting unity for survivors, but rather attempting to build a personal army.

This was hugely disappointing since I enjoyed the premise of the film. The testimonials of the other women were incredible, but constantly tainted by Angela's constant re shifting of the focus back onto herself.


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