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Searching for Angela

It is time to liberate the New Woman from the Old by coming to know her-by loving her for getting by, for getting beyond the Old without delay, by going out ahead of what the New Woman will be, as an arrow quits the bow with a movement that gathers and separates the vibrations musically, in order to be more than her self.

This film, Searching for Angela Shelton, has a different direction compared to the other films we have studied thus far in the semester. The road is not the central function of the film. The main focus is on the individual women (Angela Sheltons) that have been beaten or sexually abused. Their stories are severe and very personal. This documentary gets to the core of many dark issues that are not often talked about in society (rape, incest, abuse). These struggles and how each woman overcomes these struggles are the focus of the documentary. This experience showed these women that they were not alone and that they could over come their troubled pasts and move forward.
The road ends up making it possible for Angela to make this journey to meet all of the Angela Sheltons in the country. Her journey is mainly to find out who she is as person. Who is Angela Shelton? But in the end, Angela must go home where she belongs and start HER new life. The road is one of success for Angela and many others.
I think that the documentary was wonderful. At times it was really harsh and descriptive, but sexual abuse is violent and painful. I believe Angela showed a great side of this dark story that has not been told like this before. The only thing I would have done differently is the ending of the film. I thought it was shocking to see her with little clothing on at the end bathing in water. I didn't think it was appropriate for the documentary.