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"Searching for Angela Shelton"

The road becomes Angela Shelton's journey across America to not only discover herself but to relate to other women in the country. As she soon finds the Angie Sheltons she spoke to, over half have been raped or sexually abused; she begins to show the audience the real connection between women cross-country. Throughout the film, it's clear that Angela Shelton is really trying to discover herself more so than finding out about women across America. However, she does make good connections with those Angies she talks with.
I think Angela definitely uses her camera power to tell her story. The film is about her journey; her discovery of herself and what matters to her. She is encouraged by other women on the road as she relates to all the other Angela Sheltons and finally realizes the importance of allowing other women to open up about their past abuses and hurts.
If I was Angela Shelton, I wouldn't have made this film differently. I think she did a great job of discovering other women across the country and making a relation between women as a whole. Women should be sticking together. Angela Shelton used this documentary to tell a story about herself, discover herself, and give a brief overview on other women in the United States.