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Searching For Angela Shelton

So far in this class, I enjoyed this film the most. I felt that the camera did an excellent job at portraying Angela's story. I felt the movie was perfectly told as well as perfectly filmed. Everything just went together very nicely. The camera's still shots and tri-pod positioning, at times, added a lot to the effect it was having on the viewer. This was a documentary film finding all of the Angela Shelton’s in America and that's exactly what the film showed: a documentary. If I were Angela Shelton I would not film this movie any other different way. The male gaze was not a part of this film and I felt this was the first film where the lead woman was actually successful at being independent and caring for herself. The road in this film was a journey to success for Angela Shelton. I thoroughly enjoyed this film. In my opinion, it was an excellent example of a woman's road film.