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Searching for Angela Shelton

Angela had all the power in what the camera showed and I think that she did a good job of letting the other Angela Shelton's be heard. She uses the camera to show how other women around the U.S. have suffered from abuse also and she didn't start out thinking that abuse would be the main thing that most of the women had in common but that is what made the trip have a stronger meaning. The only times that she might have abused the camera power were when she was doing things like laying in a puddle in a parking lot and when she was throwing a fit but for the most part the shots taken by the camera were justified. There weren't any times of the movie that really bothered me because I feel that she got a lot of people to open up in front of the camera which is a huge thing especially since some of those women hadn't ever told anyone else before. The road is used as a journey where each stop builds up more and more courage and at the end Angela goes to see her dad. The other women her feel like she wasn't the only one and she was searching to actually find herself. The road is to discover what others are going through around the United States and how they cope with being abused in the past.
If I was Angela, I wouldn't really make the film differently but I would have ended it differently with some statistics about abuse in the U.S. and maybe some advice to the audience but that is all so it is somewhat educational. I believe that she accomplished she needed to though some of her words may have been biased, the message was still clear. the message seemed to be that you are never alone and it does feel better sometimes if you talk about what happened to you because if you keep it in, emotions build up and you may become depressed. She gave the women hope because she let them be heard and she told them what happened to her so they bonded and then she went on her way.