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Searching for Angela Shelton

Writing gives power. Telling your story to others,gives you power, and empowers others. This was the main point in one of the readings for this week.
Angela Shelton, the film maker, shared her story with many other women. She claimed to feel less alone because of this. There were only a few instances where her abuse of the camera was very noticeable to me.
She used it to enhance emotional qualities of the film. This was done by pairing certain things together like the phone conversation with the anonymous Angela and the thunderstorm. She did it another time when there was a ripped American flag and some facts about molesters and rapists going to prison- or more accurately how they don't get prosecuted. The last bit was when she said something about her father and then they flip to a sign on a chruch that makes a statement about being in denial about things. These were done throughout the movie to enhance it, but it also manipulates it into a more biased view of the movie. we don't get to make our own opinions really, we are learning her story and we see her discovering herself more, but that journey seemed to be incomplete at the end. She had a lot of issues to work through and it was interesting to see her do so through other Angela's.