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Searching for Angela Shelton

I thought, that in the movie Searching for Angela Shelton the stories were raw and powerful. However, I think the message that the audience recieved, was maybe somewhat different than that of what the director wanted. The road in this film is a connecting agent, bringing women together who have similiar stories and/or life experiences they have witnessed or gone through. The road opens up many lost memories, and many stories that bring back emotional feelings for all the Angelas'. Whether the Angela the director was talking to shared a similiar story or not of abuse, the director always seemed to share her story with the other Angela which obviously was going to negativley affect the other Angela. The road working as a connective agent played both positive and negative roles in this film. On the negative aspect, it opened up old wounds without offering a way to heal them. It also brought a selfish aspect to the director, making it seem like she was using these other women to cope with her own problem. However, on the positive side, it did unite people who have gone through similiar situations and let them know that there are other people out there like them.
Her use of the camera in this film is what brings the selfishness to the movie, for me. I liked how she would sit with a camera possibly on a tripod and spill her emotions, because thats raw, and real. However, I didn't like her use of the camera when she was interviewing the women. It was almost intrusive, unrealistic. She was using the camera to film the Angelas response to her own story, which in part made it quite uncomfortable.
If I were to remake this movie, I would definitely do things different. I would focus more on the Angela's stories and less on my own. I would also make sure these women were doing okay after bringing back these stories and reopening the memories. It didn't seem like the director did that...it seemed as if she was only focused on her well-being (which she showed by cutting her shirt). This movie has a very touching story, I just think the way the director went about showing it was wrong and could have been done better.