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Searching for Angela Shelton

Throughout this documentary we viewed the journey of a woman searching for unity with other women throughout the United States, while she searched for herself and confronted her own past. The road functioned in this film as a means of connecting these women. As the filmmaker, Angela Shelton searched for other Angela Sheltons, the road connected them to one another, this was shown by the visual of the map that the filmmaker used as a graphic while showing where she had been and where she was going. As she made her way from one part of the country to another, she was dealing with difficult abuse issues of her past, in order move on and look toward the future. Meeting with different women, and sharing her story, ahd hearing their stories allowed for a healing process for all of the women.
The camera funcitons throughout this film as a tool for women's voices to be heard. The camera does not use the typical male gaze approach when the women are being interviewed. The camera stays central to the faces of the women being interviewed, and doesn't pan up and down for body shots. I think the camera throughout this documentary functioned as a mechanism to put a face to the name Angela Shelton, and allow the different stories to be heard. By staying mainly on the faces of the women being interviewed, the body is less emphasized which allows the impact of the stories being told to be heard without distraction. This is also interesting because as many of the women discuss stories of abuse in which their bodies were objectified and used, the filmmaker I believe makes a conscious decisoion to not objectify the bodies of these women further by using closer camera shots and not filming from the traditional male gaze.