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Searching for Angela Shelton

In this week's film, the road functions in different ways for those involved. I think from Angela's standpoint, the road is a freeing, empowering way to explore the various facets of American women and their struggles, revolving around abuse, as a means to and end of her own unresolved issues. The road acts as a common connection between women that, although related through superficial ways (this being their name) and deeper ways (the problems that many of them have suffered), have extremely different backgrounds and lifestyles.

Through the road emerges a sense of unity and understanding. I think that the element of the names made for a good concept to bring them together in another way, but was not all that necessary to achieve the mission or message. And although the way the "experiment" was conducted had questionable factors, and filmmaker Angela did not seem to make the personal strides one expected, the experience as a viewer seeing the different personal accounts was successful. I think that Angela, although well-intentioned, used the camera irresponsibly in the sense that, even if unintended, she came off very self-oriented. This tainted the film in many aspects, and I found it frustrating to watch because if someone else had taken on this journey in a different way, the results could have been much more significant. Changes that I would make would have been to not personally be a severe victim of the issues about which I am venturing. Although it would be important to understand the struggles and abuse on some level, I think removing the element of a self-exploring adventure would have created more focus on the people that seemed to be the more important focus. I feel that having too many personal feelings towards the subject complicates things and turns the mission into far too much personal therapy and selfish intent. You can't love others until you love yourself, they say, and I think that goes for help such as this.