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"Searching for Angela Shelton" use and abuse

Within the film Searching for Angela Shelton, the road serves as a unifying agent to connect all Angela Shelton’s throughout the US. In particular, the road is a way for the director, Angela Shelton, to provide linearity for the story she wants to tell. The road is a way not only to connect Angela Shelton’s, but to provide a connection of stories that prove to be linked to each other, like the cities of the US where all the Angela Shelton’s live linked through roads. The main story that the director Angela Shelton wants to tell, and the story that links many of the Angela Shelton’s around the US, is a story of abuse towards women, and child abuse, within the United States. Another aspect of the women’s/child abuse sector within the story of the documentary, is how majority of those who were abused, their abuser were never charged and how the strength within each woman abused, severed as a key point in their lives. Within the road, emotions and strength emerge within not only the Director and her struggles, but within each road stop, the strength and unity of each Angela Shelton proves critical for the overall documentary. However, as strong as the story and people within Searching for Angela Shelton were, the director Angela Shelton did not take the responsibility of the camera fully. Not only did she open up old wounds of many of her correspondents and interviewees of the film and leave them to fester, the audience is unaware of how she dealt with each individual as she caused high emotions to arise, such as providing counseling. In addition, herself as the director took advantage of her camera power by having her own will for a story to get in the way of who she was interviewing by getting whatever she wanted out of them at any cost. If I were to make this film, I would have in a drastically different way. Not only would I have focused more on the various Angela Shelton’s of the US and the stories they have to tell, I would have also focused less on my own story, as what Angela Shelton did, and focus more on the overall story connected all Angela Shelton’s over the US; abuse of women. The story connecting all the Angela Shelton’s is what is key to the documentary, and if I was given the opportunity to make this film, I would have made that the center of the film instead of my own will to tell a personal story.