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Searching for Female Experiences

In Searching for Angela Shelton the road functions as a path of discovery, that is Angela's way of self-discovery. The road is symbolic for change, growth, progess. Angela Shelton was an abused child and because of the trauma she had endured she did not feel like she knew herself fully. She travels the country meeting other women with the same name only to discover that what emerges from the road is very powerful: human connection. The original Angela Shelton is inspired and moved by the women's stories. Over half of the interviewees had been raped, molested or assaulted in their lifetime. One of the most important aspects of what emerges from the road and Shelton's self-discovery is the power of unification between women across the country. Angela uses the camera power responsiblity by highlighting the strengths of the women she interviews (i.e. indepence of women who left abusive husbands and went on to purchase a home of their own). There isn't a single alteration that I would make to this film. I thought that it was inspiring and a beautifully arranged film. The juxtaposition of the music with the camera angles and techniques motivated me to think about the content and form of the film. What is discussed in the film are issues that are very important for women on a daily basis. Creating a film that uncovers these taboo subjects is a step in the right direction.