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the road and such

It is my opinion, and I hold this very strongly, that Angela did a great job in making this film. The road played a crucial role in the making of this film. If every Angela had simply gone to her, the longing, searching for her self stolen by her sexually abusive father would have have been unfulfilled in my mind. This story is about her search for recovery, not really about the other Angelas. Some see this as a problem but I see this as a great attribute to the film as a whole. If there were no personal story, how emotional would the story be? As far as the extent of responsibly Angela used, I don't think she had any responsibility but to portray the truth. She used the information in an incredibly responsible way regardless, though. She could have exploited these girls, but instead she used their interview to create a film meant to help girls who were victims of sexual abuse. Call me utilitarian, but I think to criticize this film as irresponsible is, to be blunt, snobbish and makes me think that those who hold this opinion need to find something in the world that make them happy because it sounds a lot like the casting of the first stone has been made. I challenge you who think this way to do something more effective for the cause.