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The Road as Facilitator

My initial impression of this movie was that Angela was using her control of the camera to make a film completely about herself and portray it as being about women in America. Then the more I thought about it I realized that it truly is about herself and the other women are simply helping her along her journey. It required a bit of thought about the movie to be alright with the fact that it was all about her becuase well the title is "Searching for Angela Shelton" which implies looking for herself and not telling the stories of other women. I had to change my first thought of what the story is. I thought the story was about women around the country and their similarities and strengths and such when in fact the story is the emotional and physical journey of this one Angela Shelton. It is a story about her healing and learning and growing as a person.

The road in this film is a physical representation of an emotional journey as well as a facilitator for that emotional journey. Angela set out on this journey and made this film for a reason. It is a reasonable assumption that she made the physical journey because the emotional journey required the movement and meeting the different people in order for it to happen. Sometimes it is easier for the human mind to accept and allow change emotionally and mentally when the person's surroundings and physical environment is changing and because of this the road served as the different physical surroundings that allowed the emotional journey to tkae place.