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The Road to Discovery and Healing

In Searching for Angela Shelton, the road is used as a healing process for Angela. I really enjoyed this documentary. With each mile she travels and each women she meets, she takes apart of them with her for strength to finally face her sexual abusive father. I liked the way she presented the film. She uses her story as a means to connect with the other Angelas she meets on the road and allows for a strong bonding to occur, ignoring their economic differences or race. It shows the true human connection in its rawest form. It is the connection of struggle and the depiction of such a real struggle allows for the documentary to bring light to a real issue and the impact of it on women years after. I do not believe that Angela has any responsibility but to tell her story. Though many believe it to be possibly repetitive, one must keep in mind that she is meeting a new Angela every time and is not trying to put the spotlight on herself, but to simply tell the truth and use her story as a means for connection with the women. The story is about Angela. It is her story of her struggles in her life and her healing process to face her offender, her father. She uses the other Angelas in the film for strength, with each story in every state coming closer and closer to her father; Angela becomes stronger, taking their stories with her. I love the way she presents the documentary. It is her quest for identity and healing, though her father's denial does not allow for closure, I believe it is the stories of the women that inspire her to find herself and a new beginning. It is powerful and real. Her documentary shows the bond women have and the support they give each other, allowing for rebirth and a new beginning even after years of sexual abuse brainwashing them to think that they are “lower than a fucking dog.?