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Where art thou Angela?

Finally a road film worthy of my viewing! Finding Angela Shelton was a moving movie on many levels. Specifically, for the Angela's and their stories, but also for all women, especially those who have been abused in their lives. At the end of the film I wanted to call my parents and tell them “thank you� for giving me such a special childhood that was free of that type of pain.
The road is used in this film as the connection between the Angela’s. Despite the fact that they all of the same name, Angela uses the road to reach out, both physically and emotionally, to all these different women around the country. Also, I think the road gives the film more purpose. Angela could have discovered all this information out by talking on the phone to the individual Angela’s, but who would want to watch that movie?
The story is supposed to be about all women. Even though the sample size was small, Angela was looking to break the silence on some important issues and show America the pain some women are going through on a daily basis. Also, the other story being told along side is the story of the narrator. Angela uses the other women’s stories to fill in the blanks on her own traumatic experiences.
In the beginning I was uncomfortable watching the film, but I think that was the point. The conversations the Angela’s were having are about private issues, and the narrator puts it right in your face. I do not think that the narrator abuses her camera power. It made the film more interesting and the images and shots were used to invoke more feeling. Although some were cheesy (the tattered American flag) she was trying to invoke emotion within the viewer.
If I were Angela, I would make the film truthfully. We discussed in class about the fact that the narrator Angela was an actress, and that some of the film may have been set up, which was disappointing to me after being moved by her piece. So, if I was Angela I would make the film truthfully, and if she did that, that I would only change one other thing. I would show her father’s face. I understand it was probably a legal issue, but I would have wanted to humiliate that man.