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Comparing Thelma and Louise with Set it Off

How are sisterhood and loyalty established? How are the endings similar and different?

The theme that was portrayed througout Thelma and Louise is the same theme that can be seen throughout Set if Off, and that is friendship and loyalty. Both sets of friends went through extreme trials and hardships, yet through it all they became even closer. Like Thelma and Louise, the ladies of Set it Off took up violence to help eachother out. Though it may not have been the way that we would have gone to help a friend, the love and loyalty that was shown was amazing. Even through the hardest of times the bonds of sisterhood was strengthened. This meant death for both sets of friends, but they stuck together to the end. That type of love and commitment can not even be put into words.
The ending of both of these films are similar in the obvious way that they both concluded with death. More importantly though, it is how the characters chose to die that is very similar. Both sets of friends decided to go out on their "own terms". It can be argued that Thelma and Louise took their own lives, while the ladies of Set it Off were killed. I still see these as a similar ending, because they all went out by their own choice. There are some differences in the endings of these two films though. Thelma and Louise died together, while the friends of Set it Off died seperatly and alone. They chose for the good of the whole group to separate at the end of the movie, and therefore had to die apart from eachother. It was a far less picturesque ending than that of Thelma and Louise, and it left you with somewhat of a heavy and sad feeling.