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Set If Off compared to Thelma and Louise

Set If Off and Thelma and Louise were two movies focused on women and their interactions with the law. The movies were very similar in some aspect yet very different at the same time. The road was a symbol of freedom access in both films. In Thelma and Louise, the road was freedom for the two women because they were both leaving unhealthy relationships (Thelma more than Louise) and “getting away� from it all. In their minds the road never ended and it gave them hope. They didn’t plan on leaving forever, but after some decisions made by them, there was no turning back. In the film Set It Off the road was a symbol of freedom access from the very start. The women had been talking about getting out of that city from the beginning and the road was the only way. Compared to Thelma and Louise, the women in Set It Off had planned to rob a bank and I think they had an idea of what was going to come and ultimately their only chance of hope was on the road. This is shown very clear when Stony continues on the road and is free at the end of the film. The endings of these films are similar yet different. In Thelma and Louise the film ends with the two women realizing that they don’t want to face the law so they just give up and take their own lives. In Set It Off the women fight until the end. The four women will not give into the law and they do everything they can to not get caught. Three of them die leaving one who finally makes it to freedom and a new life. The endings are similar in some sense because at some point the fear of getting caught sets in to all of the women. I think the endings are more different than similar because like I said before, the women in Thelma and Louise are kind of giving up but in Set It Off, the women fight until the end and do everything they can to avoid the police. So far this has been my favorite road film.