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Thelma and Louise kick ass

Thelma and Louise is definitely the most feminist film we have seen so far. The spectator sees Thelma's transformation from the innocent/ignorant housewife to the almost conscious female being when she says that she wished she "would have shot him".

In my opinion, the movie offers a new "road" for women. When Thelma and Louise trick the truck driver, they make a fool of him and after he refuses to apologize. Yet, at the same time as the women pull out the guns he is not fearful for his life showing how he feels that a woman would never actually kill anyone. In this sense, the film is an incredible feminist critque, and one we have never seen before. But we still have far to go for it to become effective.

Feminism to me means getting away from the "male-dependent" characteristic and individualism. For many years, women were defined by their husbands status and not by their own. In this way, Thelma and Louise are not depended on men (except for Jimmy and the money), and they are in no way defined by the actions of a man. They are "wild women" and they create their own story. In fact, they both actually drive. :-)