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Favorite Movie and Leaving Normal

To start off, I thought the movie Leaving Normal was a nice movie to end the semester with. It was not my favorite movie of the semester, but Ienjoyed many of the elements. I thought Marianne was an extremely passive person in the film which bothered me at times. I really loved Darly's character. She was outspoken and exciting to watch. I wished at times that Marianne would grow stronger. I thought it was great that she left the husband that beat her and hit the road, but I thought it seemed like she was just following Darly the whole time. I love the end of the movie when she says no to the truck driver and stays in Alaska. It was definitely a surprise. I think that the reason I like this movie is because of the bond that Marianne and Darly form together. I didn't think Darly would return to their trailer/house at the end of the movie, but I'm so glad she did!
My favorite road film of the semester would have to be Boys on the Side. Once again, the reason why I enjoyed this film so much is because of the female bond that is formed. When the three ladies hit the road at first, I thought they couldn't be more different. I definitely didn't think they would end up being the best of friends and living together. They truly were there for each other through pregnancies, court, and battling AIDS. It is a story of inspiration. I think every woman longs for that partnership and friendship in their life.