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Leaving Normal

The film Leaving Normal was a nice and touching film to end the semester with and it really seemed to sum up the themes of the class. The title in of itself - Leaving Normal - embodied many of the characteristics of the characters we have watched over the semester who were marginalized and "looking for something". However, with this film I didn't find it all that realistic that two people who met on a bus bench would end up building a house together with two Alaskan boys. Unlike Boys on the Side there wasn't really anything realistic other than being a good person that would bring these two characters together and end up living together. But overall it was a sweet film.

My favorite film of the semester though would definitely have to be Little Miss Sunshine. I really think that movie was hilarious and even though I had seen it before I think it epitomizes the road film themes that we had discussed throughout class with the family dynamics. I really liked this film because of all the different quirky characters and how all the disasters in the film had some humor to them.