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Leaving Normal

As one of the lighter films of the semester, I felt that Leaving Normal was a less progressive film than many others we have seen in class. The characters did not push the boundaries as Thelma and Louise did nor did it really question any of the binaries we have been studying in class. Although still a good and enjoyable film, it did not catch my attention as other films have in the past. For me, this was a tame and contained Thelma & Louise .

My favorite film this semester was by far Thelma and Louise; The film came out historically when women were finally discussing sexual harassment and rape and the courts were started to recognize them as illegal actions. I can only imagine the effect the film would have had on women at the time it came out. Even today, the film addresses issues that are still prominent today and speak to many women,even myself. I love the way Louise allows Thelma to go through a sort of self realization process and how it opens her up. My favorite scene by far is when they obliterate the truck driver's rig and drive away stealing his hat. The fearless way in which they stand in the convertible with the pistols in their pants makes me want to do it myself. To me, the film is inspiring and reminds women that they don't have to put up with all that crap. It also reminds me of how far we haven't come as women since the release of the movie and how the themes addressed in the film are still pertinent today.