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Leaving Normal

I thought this film was really interesting in the way it depicted real life and the friendship between two women. I thought the characters were seemingly very different, but eventually it seemed as though they had more similarities than I would have imagined. They both seem to struggle with finding themselves and living the lives they are "supposed" to have. There were however representations of strong women, and I liked how there was a good balance between the two women of optimism and skepticism. It was nice to see the characters bond throughout the film and be able to lean on each other, in spite of the negative things in their lives.

As for my favorite film of the semester, I think it would have to be Little Miss Sunshine. There is something to quirky and inspiring about that film, that I like it more and more every time I see it. Olive is such a genuine character who is full of optimism and hope, despite her surrounding family, who each possess a different struggle. I thought it was really interesting to watch it in the context of a "road film" and think about what the road meant to the family, and how there time on the road helped change them.