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Leaving Normal and Favorite Road Film

The film Leaving Normal was very different for me. When the movie first started I thought it was a joke, with the fake scenery and the cheesy acting done by Maryanne, it was hard to keep my attention. As the film went on I was still confused for the most part, but eventually opened up to the differences the film portrayed. I thought that Maryanne acted very childish throughout the film and was extremely annoying. I also thought the script was out of order in some parts. The film was hard to follow a lot of the times, but towards the end of the film I started liking it. I liked how everything finally came together at the end and everyone ended up happy.
My favorite film in this class was Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert. I thought this movie was hilarious and heart-warming. The characters in this film were perfect for the parts they played and the film kept my attention the entire time. I never got bored or wondered when it was going to be over. I thought the film portrayed many different binaries from sex to gender. I thought the end of the film was also perfect because the little boy finally met his dad and ended up getting to travel with him. I also loved their drag shows and the music in the film. This movie was by far the most enjoyable film of the semester.