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The end is here

In the end, I did enjoy the movie we watched this week. There were times that I found it annoying or completely unrealistic. However, I am glad that in the end the ladies ended up together. The ending surprised me. I was sure she was going to leave Alaska with the truck driver, I am glad she didn't.
They made it look too easy for all these women to become best friends, but once you could get past that, and the annoying red-headed lady, the movie sent out a great message; don't give up. These ladies were dealt bad card after bad card, some of which they dealt to themselves, but they made it. Even if the faltered a little, in the end they came together, built their house and made a new life for themselves. It was a little cheesy, but on the surface, I think, it was a good movie.

So over the whole semester - what is my favorite movie?
I would have to say Thelma and Louise. In class was my first time ever seeing the film and I thought it was awesome. I am sorry I never saw it before, but now I want to add it to my own collection. It is an empowering movie, where two bad ass chicks take to the road and don't take any shit. Maybe some scenes were a little extreme, but that is what film is for. I think after watching that movie, ever woman wanted to hold a gun. Maybe not even shoot it, but just feel the cold metal against her hand, just to feel the power it holds.
Thelma and Louise is a movie every woman should see.