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The End is Near: Final Blog Entry

Overall, I disliked the film Leaving Normal. I thought that the plot was not risky enough; it had normal characters (no pun intended), like the chauvinistic male and the quirky female they encounter on the road to Alaska. Moreover, I did not like the film because of the dynamic between Marianne and Darly. Although they are very different characters their chemistry did not work like the unique chemistry shared between the women in Boys on the Side. I also thought the acting was pretty terrible because it came off as amateur work (i.e. the scene where Marianne refuses to go with the truck driver).
However, a film I did enjoy was Thelma and Louise. Not only was it ground breaking in its representations of females on screen, the acting was outstanding. Both leading characters played the part perfectly and their relationship on screen seemed real and genuine. This movie broke boundaries and was unapologetic in doing so. Also, I thought the ending was brilliant. I never expected that this movie would end with the women choosing their own destiny, instead of being subjected to authoritative punishment, as many road movies end (i.e. the way the police gun down the characters in Set it Off). Most importantly this film was my favorite of the semester because it was truly empowering and not because of the use of violence against men. It was empowering because it portrayed women taking their lives into their own hands, saying I have had enough of patriarchy and I am going to rebel against it. I will never forget the scene with the truck driver. It was hilarious because I am sure many women, like me, have been in a position where you are caught in the male gaze and it makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. Thelma and Louise, though, take that power away from the male and teach him a lesson. I will forever think of this as a rebel film that had powerful lead female characters, who took action when enough was enough.