May 4, 2008

I have no idea which category is for David Lynch's Straight Story also late... :(

Straight Story David Lynch's peculiarly heartwarming film (especially when considered with his canon of films, many of which have been described as violently misogynistic) depicts life at a pace, and tone different from all of the other films we have viewed this semester. That big nasty beast, known as the road, is ridden at pace that may kindly be called contemplative, as Alvin Straight travels on from Laurens, Iowa, to Mt. Zion, Wisconsin on a riding lawn mower.

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January 24, 2008

Blog Now Working

Dear Students,

The blog is now working. When you are ready to post, be sure to type your text in the "Entry Body" box, select the appropriate week's "Primary Category" (ie "Favorite Road Film, if you were posting week one's assignment), save it as "Published," and return to the main page. Once you are on the main site page ("View Site"), hit "Refresh" (using the refresh button on your internet program's main navigational toolbar), and your entry should appear.

To underline film titles, highlight the name of the film and click on the italics icon located on the top right of the "Entry Body" box. To provide links to websites, type in a url or phrase, highlight it, click on the link icon, also located on the top right of the "Entry Box," and provide the url when prompted. To embed text, copy the embedded code provided and paste it directly into the main text of your blog entry. If you are embedding film clips or video, please "Preview" before you save and post your entry, so that you can make sure that all code has transferred correctly and that your fellow section-mates are able to view the media you've posted.