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National Lampoon's Vacation

One of the funniest movies, and my favorite road movie is National Lampoon's Vacation. This is a classic family road trip, which I am sure almost anyone can relate too. The movie stars, Chevy Chase as the father of the Griswald family. Throughout the film, he tries to bring his family together by driving across the country to the best theme park in the United States, Wally World. Everything that could possibly go wrong does; they do not get the right car, every hotel is awful and low budget, they steal, a family member dies, and much much more. The end is the best part because once they finally make it to Wally World, they park there car and run as fast as they can to the entrance with the Olympic music playing in the background. At this point, there is nothing worse that could happen to the family but unfortuantely the theme park turns out to be closed for two weeks due to restorations. Chevy Chase's character ends up doing the unthinkable and the family gets what they want, or do they?