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"A man went looking for America and couldn’t find it anywhere.�

"As if to drive a nail into the coffin of this confessed failure of counterculture," (Laderman 77) Billy and Wyatt are searching for something, but as Wyatt put's it they "blew it". This is left purposely vague for the audience to decide exactly what it is they blew but it seems apparent that these two men out on a quest have failed . In this movie they are not only looking for what America is but they are also hiding from what America seems to be. "This used to be a hell of a country," proclaims George, annoucing the downturn of America. They look all over for what America could mean, at a commune where they discover they are still not free of the same problems of America, they turn to drugs in hope of a new perspective, they even find themselves in a parade on their motorcycles- a strange attempt to find their place. Bob Dylan's "It's Alright Ma" casts even more light upon the subject, seeing to outline the whole film from the "shadow of the silver spoon" that seemed to affect Wyatt and Geoge to the talk of fear and hatred. While these boys search for America to mean something still, it seems that America- the crime, the hate and the contempt for all differences that was so prevelent during the 1960's- catches up with them and kills them, they have not found America, they have no found themselves, in short, Wyatt was right, they did blow it.