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Angela Shelton

I would have made this movie differently if I were Angela Shelton. The movie was supposed to be an uplifting, self-help kind of movie for people that were dealing with abuse, rape and molestation. Instead, the movie exploited the women interviewed and only emphasized the filmmaker’s personal gain throughout the movie: her own self-therapy. The filmmaker, Angela Shelton was on a mission to help women (all Angela Sheltons) and let their voice be heard. Instead of doing this, the filmmaker used other peoples' pain to help her get through her demons by acquiring empathy from the other wounded women. This was her therapy. Overall, the movie was an amateur’s execution of a disturbing topic. The film should have been done more professionally by including therapists to help the wounded and scared women. Therapists could help the women who are suffering rather than leave them hanging like the filmmaker did.
As a non GWSS major, I can't comment on the other questions with any knowledge. I don't have any bakground in this field.