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Angela Shelton

In this film, the road functioned as a means for Angela to connect women around the country and allow them to tell their stories. By driving from place to place, she is creating a web which brings these women together in an effort to make them not feel alone. In the end, it is a story of unity. It attempts to help women understand that it is ok to tell their stories even if it is something that society would rather ignore. But more than anything, this is a personal journey for Angela. By meeting all of these women who had similar experiences to herself, she is able to confront her past which has been holding her back and, ultimatley, make peace with it. The strength of the women that she meets gives her the courage and hope to move on with her life. However, during her journey, I felt that she slightly abused her camera power. She was so focused on finding answers that she ended up being reckless with some people that she interviewed, such as the Anonymous Angela. This was a situation that could have very easily gotten out of her control, and for her to interfere with someone who was very unstable at the time seemed like an irresponsible thing. There were times in the film where I felt that she was more focused on herself than hearing the stories of the women she was interviewing, and I thought that was her other downfall in her use of camera power. Instead of letting these women's stories be heard, she tended to bring it back to herself and her story (such as the woman with the foster homes) and this was an abuse of her power. Overall, it was a well made film which addressed an important issue, and whatever faults that narrator had made me think about the movie more than I would have otherwise. So I would not change very much of the end result of this film.
-Answer to Section A's question