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Easy Rider vs. Vagabond

"The goatherd gives Mona shelter on his farm, offering her a job and the chance to work the land. But unlike Wyatt in Easy Rider, Mona is not so impressed with the idea of working on a farm. On a strictly impulsive (rather than rational) level, she seems averse to any form of stability or domesticity," (Laderman 269). Easy Rider and Vagabond have many more differences than similarities. One difference is that Mona is scrutinized for being a woman, if nothing else where Billy and Wyatt are scrutinized for the way that they live. Billy and Wyatt have a destination in mind when they hit the road where Mona is just traveling around with no final destination. In Easy Rider, Wyatt and Billy have to travel together, whithout one there is no other whereas in Vegabond, Mona cannot travel without leaving the people she meets behind. She is destined to be alone where Wyatt and Billy are destined to never be apart. Some similarities between these films is that the main characters are on the move the majority of the time and in both films there is talk about how important working the land is. Gender has a lot to do with how these films are perceived. In Vegabond, the camera is trained to move and leave the main character behind. She is not seen as important and can be easily left or forgotten whereas in Easy Rider, the camera follows the main characters, they are the center of the movie, what they do is deemed important but what Mona does or what happens to Mona doesn't really matter. Mona is also seen as a male chaser which is similar to how Billy and Wyatt are perceived (female chasers). It seems to be an endearing quality for Billy and Wyatt as a bad quality for Mona.