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Vagabond/ Easy Rider

... to place a painterly reference alongside a cinematic one is to represent immobilism and movement simultaneously.

Reading this quote made me think of scenic shots within Easy Rider and Vagabond. There was something peaceful yet morbid about those types of shots in both movies. In Easy Rider, the main characters traveled across the country to go to New Orleans. Its obvious that there is movement occuring, but the immobolization seemed to start when they started in their drug trip. The constant filmatic shots in the graveyard was eerie. They seemed stuck in the graveyard moving from tombs to statues. Vagabond, had a deathly feel as well. The scenery held a deathly gloom everywhere Mona went. As she traveled through different towns, she never got too far from where she started. Death was stalking her, only allowing her to go so far before she died. I think the role gender played within both movies was the way the characters died in the films. The men in Easy Rider died from a violent act whereas Mona (a white woman) died peacefully and quietly. If she died violently, would it have affected the impact she left on the other people she met? Would they have cared about her any more or less? And yet to have two white men be killed on their motorcycles would obviously cause much more of an uproar, ironically.