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Are they really free?

I define feminism as a movement that not only seeks to create a world where men and women are equal, but also where everyone is equal, regardless of societal status, gender, or race. Equality is the main theme of feminism, but many people think is only focuses on women.

I believe that Thelma and Louise betrays this idea of feminism. While the women are on the road and appear to be free, they are still being controlled by rape by men, by their husbands and boyfriends, and by the male police officer. It is because of rape that the two women take to the open road. If a man hadn't stepped in, none of it would have ever happened. Louise seems to be very affected by her rape experience in Texas long after it happened. It still had power over her. Thelma seeks male attention even after she breaks free of her husband's control and ends up getting taken advantage of again. When she is forcing the police officer into the back of the police car she says, “Be nice to your wife, my husband wasn't nice to me and look how I turned out.? She basically gives her husband credit for her new freedom. The only one to hopes to clear their names is a male police officer. We never see any women in the film with strong political or governmental authority. I do not believe that Thelma and Louise are therefore equal. No character comes to a realization of the oppression of women from this film and from the actions of either woman. It seems as if life will simply go on without them. Louise often tells Thelma that she needs to shut up or stop being so open. There is still oppression even within the relationship of the two women. They encourage each other to adhere silence. The only way that Thelma and Louise can truly be free is to kill themselves and I don't think that's much of a liberation.