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Feminism at best?

If feminism truly is the search for equality of the sexes, Thelma and Louise have achieved this quest greatly. Around the time of their escapades, it was unthought of for women to be criminals, murderers, and in a sense, top dogs. They were the above the law throughout a lot of their journey, unable to be tracked and doing as they please. We finally see the equality when they are being chased by the police in the ending scene. The police seemed to be a little more lenient in the beginning because they were women and seemed to be a less dangerous. However, at the end, they used the same amount of force and threat that they would with a group of male criminals. It was even said that these women are extremely dangerous and should be treated as such despite their sex. In Thelma and Louise we see that women need to be treated equally for protection of people around the world.